Reselling Black Friday Deals

I’ve been dipping my toes into product reselling, and I admit I’m terrible at it. On Black Friday, I was presented with a handful of opportunities that I thought were too good to pass up:

  • Increased shopping portal bonuses on Dell
  • Good discounts on in-demand products like gaming consoles, noise-cancelling headphones, and bluetooth speakers
  • Amex Offers for Dell and Best Buy

I try to buy products I know, so I stick to things like Canon DSLR cameras, Bose headphones, and Ultimate Ears bluetooth speakers. I noticed some discounted XBOX One bundles on Dell’s website, and considering that BeFrugal was paying out 21.5% cash back on all Dell orders on Black Friday, I bought five XBOXes, even though I’m not really into gaming.

Here’s my haul from Black Friday:

I bought eight Ultimate Ears Boom 2 LE bluetooth speakers, two XBOX One S bundles and three XBOX One X consoles, some Bose QC25 noise-cancelling headphones, an Apple TV 4K, four Apple Watches, and some Nest Smart Thermostats.

The total cost was $3,924.06.

Let’s count up the rewards I was able to receive from these sizeable purchases:

  • 20,000 American Express Membership Rewards points from four 5,000-point Best Buy Amex Offers
  • 15,000 American Express Membership Rewards points from three Dell Amex Offers
  • $50 back from one Dell Amex Offer
  • $255.85 in pending cash back from BeFrugal
  • $290 in Kohl’s Cash
  • $35 in Dell Advantage Rewards
  • $10 in Best Buy Reward Certificates

Factoring in the above rewards, this brings down my net cost to $2,845.71.

Now comes the hard part: selling all of my Black Friday loot.

I listed the Apple Watches and Bose headphones on Facebook Marketplace and was able to sell two Apple Watches for $300 each, a net profit of $43.50 per watch.

I then put the Bose headphones on Ebay for $206/ea. So far, only one pair has sold, but it was purchased by a scammer in Brooklyn who used some sketchy Cypriot credit card to buy it, and is now trying to scam me. USPS confirms that the headphones arrived at this guy’s address, but he initiated a dispute with PayPal to try and get his money back. So far, he has been unsuccessful in scamming me, but now he’s trying to get Ebay to give him a refund for the headphones, which he now concedes have been delivered. I’m not sure how that is all going to shake out, but let’s hope Ebay does the right thing. As for the other two pairs of unsold headphones, it looks like I’ll either have to drop the price down to $179 on Ebay or I’ll have to wait a few weeks until the market price rises. It seems there is quite a bit of supply of these headphones out there. Perhaps there were other resellers who had the same idea as I did, and now they’re dumping all their supply?

For the XBOXes, I haven’t even tried listing them anywhere. Ebay has had big sales on XBOX One S consoles in the past weeks, selling them for as low as $170 shipped free. I’ll probably have to sell these locally on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace in order to avoid paying Ebay’s 10% fee, otherwise I’d have to take a loss if I were to sell these for $170 on Ebay.

On a more positive note, the eight Ultimate Ears Boom 2 bluetooth speakers that I bought have all sold on Ebay for $110, and after fees and paying for shipping, I’m looking at a healthy profit of $20+ per speaker.

The revenue I’ve received from selling the two Apple Watches, the eight bluetooth speakers, and the Bose headphones has provided me with just under $1,700, and I’ll sell the rest of my inventory over the coming weeks. Doing the math, I still have ~$2,100 worth of inventory, so once I’ve sold everything, I will have made a healthy profit of ~$800 after receiving the portal cash back and figuring in the value of the Amex MR points I’ve received. Also, this ~$4k in spend helped me earn one or two credit card signup bonuses that are each worth more than $500, and I didn’t figure that in to my calculations here. Reselling is a hassle, but it sure is helpful for meeting minimum spends!

Would I do it again?

Sure, I’ll do it again next year. It does suck having to pack and ship a bunch of bluetooth speakers, and I hate dealing with Ebay scammers, but the rewards justify the time invested on this one.

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